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01The Dorning Home.jpg (7619 bytes)The Dorning House at Cross Lane in Culcheth, England.  The cottage where Henry Mort and his wife Mary Dorning lived, and where Jonathan Mort was born.  The cottage was adjacent to this house.

02 Risley Chapel.jpg (47157 bytes)The Risley Presbyterian Chapel which Henry Mort and his family attended.  The Church was torn down in 1972.  Only the cemetery remains.

The Risley Cemetery where Henry Mort and Mary Dorning are buried along with other members of the Mort family.

03 Henry Mort Gravestone.jpg (21391 bytes)The gravestone of Henry Mort.  The inscription reads  . . . Also of Henry Mort who for a great number of years was an elder of this Church . . . who departed this life on the 17th day of March, 1867 in the 84th year of his age.

04 John Mort's Cottage.jpg (8818 bytes)The Old Smithy House in Risley, home of John Mort, and where his daughter Alice Mort and Henry Henshaw lived. 

In May of 1844, perhaps due in part to the near collapse of handweaving and other economic conditions, Jonathan Mort and his fiancee, along with the Dorning family of Cross Lane set sail from Liverpool to America on the clipper ship "Roscius". The passenger list indicates that in addition to Jonathan and Mary Payne there were seven members of the Dorning family, two of whom were the Uncles of Jonathan Mort, Joseph and Jonathan Dorning. The ship landed at New York on the 12th of June,1844.

04-1 Thomas Best Family.jpg (23793 bytes)Thomas Best, Martha Mort and family.  Martha Mort was the daughter of Joseph Mort, and a niece of Jonathan Mort.

04-2Ron, Eric and Janet Jones.jpg (27080 bytes)
Ron, Eric and Janet Jones.  Ron and Eric Jones were grandsons of Thomas Best and Martha Mort.  Ron and Eric are now deceased.

06Norman,Margaret &Eric Jones.jpg (20629 bytes)Norman, Margaret Jones and Eric.  Norman is the younger brother of Ron and Eric.  Norman and Margaret live in Bath, England.

08Henry & Hilda Henshaw.jpg (14104 bytes)
Henry Henshaw and wife Hilda.  Henry is a descendant of John Mort, younger brother of Jonathan Mort.  Henry and Hilda currently live in Turriff, England.

07 The Rogerson Family.jpg (14758 bytes)
Eric Jones, Ernie Mort and English members of the Rogerson family.  The Rogersons were closely related to the Mort family in England.

09-1 Wallace & Dylis Mort.jpg (7719 bytes)
Wallace and Dylis Mort.

09-2 Fred Mort and Grandaughter.jpg (10371 bytes)
Fred Mort and granddaughters.

Joseph Mort, 1851-1909, Son of Joseph Mort and Alice Moffat.  Married to Phoebe Thomas on Oct 19, 1884.

10 Jonathan Mort 1.jpg (10708 bytes)Jonathan Mort, 1813-1911.  Born in Culcheth, England.  Emigrated to America in 1844, died at Liberty, Nebraska.  He is the Patriarch of the American Mort Family.

11Mary Payne Mort.jpg (10991 bytes)Mary Payne Mort, 1821-1897.  Born in Culcheth, England.  Emigrated to America with Jonathan and members of the Dorning family.  Married Jonathan Mort on October 1, 1844 at Yorkville, Wisconsin.  Buried with Jonathan at Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Liberty, Nebraska.

12Jonathan & Mary Home.jpg (13480 bytes)The first home of Jonathan and Mary Mort in Spring Green, Wisconsin, and where their children were born.  The center portion of the house was built by Jonathan around 1845.  The house is still standing and was owned by a member of the Mort family until 1970.

13Covered Wagon_JM.jpg (27668 bytes)Photo taken at Tate, Nebraska around 1906.  Jonathan I, families of Reuben and Jonathan Mort II, and Grace Gibson.  In the covered wagon are the parents of Grace Gibson.

14 James & Laura Mort.jpg (22029 bytes)James and Laura Mort.

Grave of Jonathan and Mary Mort, Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Liberty, Nebraska.

15 Laura Mort.jpg (11620 bytes)James Mort, 1847-1883, the oldest son of Jonathan Mort, died at the age of 36.  Pictured above is Laura Higgins, the wife of James, who raised eight children.

Grave of James Mort, Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Liberty, Nebraska.

16 Thomas H. Mort 7 Family.jpg (32402 bytes)Thomas Mort, 1849-1905, and wife of Hanna Hill.  Left to right, Dora, Mary Ann, Eugene, Charles, Grace, Sadie and Roy Mort.

17 Charles & Elizabeth Mort.jpg (24151 bytes)Charles Mort, oldest son of Thomas Mort.  Pictured are his wife, Elizabeth Rathburn and children, Blanche and Leedy.

18 Alfred Mort.jpg (8712 bytes)Alfred Mort, 1851-1936, and wife Margaret Mort.  Cousins by marriage, they are buried at Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Liberty, Nebraska.

18-2 Margaret Mort.jpg (5987 bytes)Margaret Mort, 1852-1918, wife of Alfred Mort.

Margaret Mort Higgins, 1856-1938, and husband George Higgins.  Margaret died in 1938 in Darby, Montana, and George Higgins died in a logging accident in Days Creek, Oregon.

19-2 George Higgins.jpg (23555 bytes)George Higgins, husband of Margaret Mort Higgins.

20 Jonathan Mort II & Family.jpg (19214 bytes)Jonathan Mort II, 1856-1930 and family.  Right to left, Jonathan Mort, Phoebe Gibson, Edith, Floyd, Fred and Ernest Mort.

21Reuben Mort Family.jpg (18266 bytes)Photo of Reuben Mort, 1859-1937 and wife Susie Gibson.  Pictured : Clarence, Carl, Pearl, and Reuben, Fay Alice and Susie Gibson.

22Beth,George&ClayMort.jpg (9512 bytes)Photo of George Mort, Clayborn Mort, and Beth Springer.  Descendants of James Mort, children of Ed Mort.

23Ed Mort.jpg (9273 bytes)Ed Mort and Cora Wilson.  Oldest son of James and Laura Mort.

24Clyde R Mort.jpg (5447 bytes)
Clyde Reuben Mort.  Son of James and Laura Mort.

Gerald LeRoy Mort and Agnes Crofton.  Youngest son of James and Laura Mort.  Photo taken in home at San Francisco.

26Gilbert&Bernice Mort.jpg (13861 bytes)Gilbert and Bernice Mort of Wasilla, Alaska.  Photo taken with Ernie Mort at Mort Reunion in Springfield, Colorado.

27Clyde RMort's family.jpg (14782 bytes)Family of Clyde Reuben Mort.  Pictured are Gilbert Mort, Wayne Mort, Grace Stagner, Hazel Jones, Zelma Current, Darrell Mort.

Roy Mort and wife Doris.  Deceased since 1994.  Roy was a professional baseball player in his younger days.

28Roy Gerald Mort.jpg (12694 bytes)Roy Gerald Mort.

29Seckman Family.jpg (26645 bytes)Seckman family.

Children of Leonard and Blanche Mort Seckman.  Pictured are Charles, Eugene and Jack, Judean, Eunice, Laura, and Maude.

30Ernest, Mildred & Kathryn.jpg (22572 bytes)Ernest Mort, son of Charles Mort and wife Mildred Fitzekam with daughter Kathryn Lane.

31Kathryn & Bill Lane.jpg (13890 bytes)Kathryn and Bill Lane.

32Family of Gene & Ruth Mort.jpg (15921 bytes)Family of Gene and Ruth Mort.  Son of Ernest & Mildred Mort.  Pictured are Molly, Carrie, Theresa, Susan, Amy and Tim.

33Tom & Betty Mort.jpg (19745 bytes)Family of Tom and Betty Mort.  Son of Ernest and Mildred Mort.

Mary Ann Mort and Wesley Smith.  Daughter of Thomas Mort.

35-1Jess & Grace McKenzie.jpg (7677 bytes)Grace Mort and Jess McKenzie.  Daughter of Thomas Mort.

Dora Mort and Guy Patrick.  Daughter of Thomas Mort.

35-2 Elinor & Gordon Munroe.jpg (14042 bytes)Elinor and Gordon Monroe.

36Don Mort and Family.jpg (13782 bytes)Don Mort and family.

34Allen and Lorraine McKenzie.jpg (6383 bytes)Allen and Loraine McKenzie (deceased).  Son of Grace Mort & Jess McKenzie.

38Tom and Linda Mort.jpg (7722 bytes)Tom Mort (deceased) and wife Linda Mort.  Son of Roy and Georgia Mort.

39Wilma Boblet and daughter.jpg (16325 bytes)Wilma Boblet (deceased) and Karen Jones.  Daughter of Mary Ann Mort & Wes Smith

40John & Marcia Miller.jpg (17151 bytes)Descendants of Alfred and Margaret Mort.  John and Marcia Clark Miller, daughter of April, and father, Eldon Clark.

Allen and Ruth Currier.  Descendants of George and Margaret Mort Higgins.

41Mort Reunion.jpg (11939 bytes)Family Reunion.  Descendants of Jonathan Mort II.

Betty Mort Rowe and Cecil (deceased).  Daughter Judith and Dwight Lundgren.  Descendants of Jonathan Mort II.

Merlin Dean and family.  Descendant of George and Margaret Mort Higgins.

42 Doris Wymore, Goldie Pyle.jpg (9840 bytes)Doris Wymore, Goldie Pyle and Adella Pyle Scott.  Descendants of Reuben Mort.

Frank Mort and wife Evelyn with daughter and granddaughter.  Son of Ward Mort, grandson of Reuben Mort.

43Allen & Ruth Currier.jpg (11267 bytes)Allen and Ruth Currier.

44Cecil & Betty Rowe.jpg (11269 bytes)Cecil and Betty Rowe.

45Merlin Dean &Family.jpg (13322 bytes)Merlin Dean and family.

46Frank Mort Family.jpg (14217 bytes)Frank Mort and family.

Cecil and Norman Trickey.  Norma is a daughter of Dale and Fay Thornburg.

47 Reuben Mort,Pikes Peak.jpg (20974 bytes)Reuben and Susie Mort and family.  Pikes Peak photo.

48 Pete and Mary Seyfer.jpg (12012 bytes)Pete and Mary Seyfer.

49 Jack & Lois Seckman Family.jpg (29047 bytes)Jack and Lois Seckman family.

50 Ruth Mort, Kate & nieces.jpg (16305 bytes)Ruth Mort, Kate and nieces.

51 May Mort Handy, Centenarian.jpg (8079 bytes)May Mort Handy and Ernie Mort.  May Handy is the granddaughter of James Mort, older brother of Jonathan.  May knew Jonathan Mort, and on March 17, 1999 celebrated her 100th birthday in Shenandoah Iowa.

Ruth Mort, Kathryn Mort Lane, Theresa Mort Witt, Carrie Mort Morelock, and Molly Mort Michael.

Betty Mort Rowe and Ernie Mort. Betty is the granddaughter of Jonathan Mort II and Phoebe Gibson.

Jack and Lois Seckman with son Richard Seckman and Ernie Mort.  Cousins of Ernest Mort and descendants of Charles and Elizabeth Mort.

Aunt Mary & Uncle Pete Seyfer, Daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Mort.

1Paul&VictoriaFairburn3.jpg (102057 bytes)Paul and Victoria Fairburn
Descendant of English Mort Family

2FamilyofEDMort.jpg (75443 bytes)Family of Ed Mort
Howard &  Laura Springer, George and Charlotte Mort
Richard and Dorothy Mort

3AliceHarlan&JamesSeyfer.jpg (50188 bytes)Alice, Harlan and James Seyfer
Children of Pete and Mary Mort Seyfer  

4RobertMort&Sons.jpg (52269 bytes)Robert Mort and sons Milton and Robert Jr.
Descendant of James and Laura Mort  
Adam Mort.  Son of Joe and Alaine Mort
Jessica Mort.  Daughter of Joe and Alaine Mort
Ruth Mort and family.jpg (281897 bytes)Ruth Mort and Family 
Jack and Lois Seckman.jpg (142333 bytes)Jack and Lois Seckman 
Nick, Maricris, Cristan & Jonathan Breedlove.JPG (2451668 bytes)Nick, Maricris, Cristan & Jonathan Breedlove
The Great Kate LaneThe Great Kate Lane
Sept 2,1934 - Nov 26, 2010